Ninja Run

August 13, 2022

Competitors will start on one of the two courses with other participants in their age division.

A judge will describe the course layout and provide them with a few minutes to test out obstacles. Then the competition will begin. After all competitors have finished on a course, the two rotation groups will swap, receive information for their new course, practice, and then compete.

Course Information

There are two courses, the Speed Course and the Skill Course. Most elements remain the same for all age groups. Adjustments to heights and distances will be made depending on the age group.

The Speed Course

This obstacle course is all about moving fast! Ninjas will run through twice, receiving a penalty point for each time a hand or foot touches the ground. At the end of each run, 2 seconds are added to their overall time for each penalty.
Awards are determined by the fastest scores. In the case of a tie (it has happened!), the tie-breaker is the fewest overall penalties acquired.

The Skill Course

This course requires Ninjas to earn points by completing a series of challenging obstacles. There is a 4:00 time limit. Skills award partial points based on the degree of completion. Once a Ninja either completes an obstacle or can go no further, they move on to the next one. Awards are handed out based on the highest score, with the fastest time being the tie-breaker.


Awards will be presented at the end of the event on the front floor.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, (and 4th for groups of 7+) place medals are given for each age group on each course. Time is the tie-breaker for the Skill Course. Penalties are the tie-breaker for the Speed Course.

Honorable mention ribbons are given to all other participants.
All students will receive a copy of their scorecard.

Results Can Also Be Found @

Session 1 - 10:00AM Divisions A, B, C, D (Ages 5-9)

Speed Course Skill Course
Rotation 1 - Group A & B Rotation 1 - Group C & D
  1. Nico T.
  2. Mia K.
  3. Kylee D.
  4. Mia M.
  5. Saige R.
  6. Anthony S.
  7. Arlo M.
  1. Reece R.
  2. Bentlee C.
  3. Theodore N.
  4. Vincent G.
  5. Grayson S.
  6. Kaden K.
  1. Jaxson F.
  2. Peyton M.
  3. Kaely K.
  4. Mason M.
  5. Lincoln P.
  6. Miles T.
  1. Aubrey A.
  2. Gavin M.
  3. Mariana G.
  4. Gwendalynne S.
  5. Juniper M.
  6. Hadley R.
  7. Braxton C.
  8. Camille K.
Speed Course Skill Course
Rotation 2 - Group C & D

Rotation 2 - Group A & B

  1. Mason M.
  2. Lincoln P.
  3. Miles T.
  4. Jaxson F.
  5. Peyton M.
  6. Kaely K.
  1. Juniper M.
  2. Hadley R.
  3. Braxton C.
  4. Camille K.
  5. Aubrey A.
  6. Gavin M.
  7. Mariana G.
  8. Gwendalynne S.
  1. Mia M.
  2. Saige R.
  3. Anthony S.
  4. Arlo M.
  5. Nico T.
  6. Mia K.
  7. Kylee D.
  1. Vincent G.
  2. Grayson S.
  3. Kaden K.
  4. Reece R.
  5. Bentlee C.
  6. Theodore N.

Session 2 - 12:00PM Divisions E & F (Ages 9+)

Speed Course Skill Course
Rotation 1 - Group E Rotation 1 - Group F
  1. Jonathan G.
  2. Maddie K.
  3. Deuce M.
  4. Elijah K.
  5. Payton L.
  6. Macy P.
  7. Noah M.
  8. Mila S.
  1. Dylan S.
  2. Cole P.
  3. Kylie S.
  4. Madelyn R.
  5. Jack H.
  6. Lauren D.
  7. Grant T.
Speed Course Skill Course
Rotation 2 - Group F

Rotation 2 - Group E

  1. Jack H.
  2. Lauren D.
  3. Grant T.
  4. Dylan S.
  5. Cole P.
  6. Kylie S.
  7. Madelyn R.
  1. Payton L.
  2. Macy P.
  3. Noah M.
  4. Mila S.
  5. Jonathan G.
  6. Maddie K.
  7. Deuce M.
  8. Elijah K.