Ninja League Event Program

March 3, 2023

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Start List

Skill Course Point Course
    Group A
  1. Emilie C.
  2. Eliza G.
  3. Addison A.
  4. Myles O.
  5. Mia K.
  6. Collin S.
  7. Mia M.
    Group B
  1. Cooper M.
  2. Wesley P.
  3. Kaely K.
  4. Kaden K.
  5. Peyton M.
  6. Jackson M.
  7. Lincoln P.
    Group C
  1. Lincoln S.
  2. Henry L.
  3. Miles T.
  4. Micah O.
  5. Violet H.
  6. Anna C.
  7. Gavin M
    Group D
  1. Grant T.
  2. Walker D.
  3. Kylie S.
  4. Wyatt D.
  5. Max P.
  6. Dylan S.
Groups will switch courses
    Group C
  1. Micah O.
  2. Violet H.
  3. Anna C.
  4. Gavin M
  5. Lincoln S.
  6. Henry L.
  7. Miles T.
    Group D
  1. Wyatt D.
  2. Max P.
  3. Dylan S.
  4. Grant T.
  5. Walker D.
  6. Kylie S.
    Group A
  1. Myles O.
  2. Mia K.
  3. Collin S.
  4. Mia M.
  5. Emilie C.
  6. Eliza G.
  7. Addison A.
    Group B
  1. Kaden K.
  2. Peyton M.
  3. Jackson M.
  4. Lincoln P.
  5. Cooper M.
  6. Wesley P.
  7. Kaely K.

Course Information

There are two courses, the Points Course and the Skill Course. Each consists of 8 different elements totaling 50 points. Participants have to go in a specific skill order and will have 4 minutes for each course. The elements remain the same for each age group. However, adjustments to heights and distances will be made depending on the age group.

The Points Course

This course is an “all or nothing” scoring set-up. Children will have one chance to try each element. If they accomplish the skill, they receive the points. If they do not accomplish the skill, they receive zero points and move on to the next element. Winners are determined by the most points scored. Time is used as a tie-breaker, with the fastest time winning.

The Skill Course

This course is also worth 50 points, with a 4:00 time limit and a speed tie-breaker. All skills give partial points based on the amount of completion. Some obstacles vary based on age group.


Awards will be presented at the end of the event on the front floor. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons are given for each age group on each course. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals are given for the winners of each age group based on combined points (out of 100). Honorable mention ribbons are given to all other participants.

Season Awards will be handed out after event awards. Each Ninja's top three scores on each course get combined for their Season Total!

Results Can Also Be Found @