Our Classes

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to get your children moving and to build excitment towards strength, fitness, and movement. Ninja stations and courses are designed to challenge even our most experienced students. Class age divisions ensure a learning environment that is geared towards the appropriate size and ability level. Skill tracking and challenges allow our students to always strive for their new Personal Best.

Classes are divided by age to create a more personal experience for our students. Younger students use scaled down obstacles appropriate to their size and ability level. Older children take full advantage of our Ninja equipment to improve and complete challenges.

Students develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and confidence as they master new skills. Our curriculum fosters a sense of accomplishment in every child by breaking down elements into progressive segments and courses. Our Wall of Fame challenges, combined with our robust skill tracking system, allow our Ninjas to see their progression and successes.


Our Classes

Altius Ninja Classes are based on age and are all co-ed.

Interested in just rock climbing? Our special Ninja Climbing groups focus on our auto-belay stations, bouldering routes, and speed climbing routes, with additional Ninja Obstacles mixed in. Class is for ages 7+ and meets for 50 minutes a week.

In Addition, we offer Boys Gymnastics classes that mix traditional gymnastics events with Ninja obstacles.

  • Boys Gymnastics - 5-8 Years

School Year Classes Summer Classes

Ninja Obstacles & Equipment

Altius has rig and ground area setups for Ninjas of all ages, as well as a dedicated space for Team and Elite members. We rotate through various hanging and ground obstacles to give our Ninjas experience on a variety of jumps, swings, and grabs.
Every class is a new challenge, and much like a Ninja Competition, we like to mix things up and help our students to problem solve through new obstacles.

Obstacles Include

  • Four Warped Walls - 7', 9' 11.5', 14.5'
  • Horizontal and Vertical (Auto-Belay) Rock Walls with routes and bouldering problems
  • Swinging Obstacles, including Trapeze Bars, Fidget Spinners, Wingnuts, Boomerangs, and a variety of DGS Ninja Holds
  • Rope climbs, Rope Swings, and Cargo Nets
  • Angle Steps, Balance Beams, Bridges, Lilypads, Ground Bars, and Slack Line
  • Horizontal and Vertical Peg Boards, Peg Grasps
  • Cliff Hangers in various widths and attachments
  • Hanging Obstacles, including Rings, Skyhooks, Grips, Spheres, Hooked Spheres and Nunchucks, Lumberjack Boards, Windchimes, Unstable Bridges, Tilt Boards
  • And much more arriving all the time!

Ninja Elite & Team

Ninja Elite is an invite-only program for advanced students interested in a faster instructional pace. Competition participation is not required for Elite members.

Ninja Team is an invite-only group that prepares individuals for competition in UNAA sanctioned events. Students have practice at least once a week, and have free entry to Ninja Open Gyms for extra practice.

Questions about Elite or Team? Interested in a Try-out? Contact Ninja@Altiusgym.com

Summer 2024 Classes

Ninja Mini

Ninja Mini classes are the perfect opportunity for your energetic 4-5-year-old to embark on a journey of learning ninja skills while boosting their confidence. Our instructors are dedicated to fostering physical fitness, improving coordination, and enhancing social skills in a safe and supportive environment. By enrolling your child in these classes, you are not only providing them with an adventurous experience but also offering them a chance to grow and develop in a fun and educational way. Join us today and watch your little ninja thrive!

Tuition listed is the monthly fee.

Ninja Junior, Senior, & Masters

Ninja Junior, Senior, and Masters classes welcome athletes to conquer thrilling obstacles, develop physical and mental strength, and gain confidence and problem solving skills along the way. Classes are age built with age appropriate obstacles designed to challenge and inspire ninjas to reach their full potential.

Tuition listed is the monthly fee.