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We will be hosting a UNAA Season 9 Area Qualifier event on January 27th

Registration is Now Open! - Click Here to Enroll Through Ninja Master

What Is UNAA?

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association organizes and promotes a worldwide series of Ninja Competitions for athletes of all ages. Participating in an Area Qualifier may allow an athlete to advance to Regional and even National events.Competitions consist of a single long course that scores athletes based on the number of obstacles that they complete.

Do You Have To Be On A Ninja Team To Compete?

No! Participants can register themselves in events through You are not limited to a specific state or region.

So How Do UNAA Competitions Work?

All UNAA Competitions are run on a points system, with three strikes. Every obstacle is worth either one or two points, and if there is a fail (zero points earned), that counts as one strike. After three fails the Ninja may be allowed to keep going until they hit their time limit, but their score stops with their last completed obstacle before the third fail. Time is the tiebreaker.

UNAA competitions have 16 different divisions, 10 of which are for youth competitors and are based on age and gender.

A competitor's age is their age as of January 1st, 2024. Example - If your son is seven now but turning eight on February 2nd, they still compete the entire season in the 7 & Under Boys division because on 1/1/24 they were still seven years old.

Once students are 16, they must move into the Adult Amateur or Pro divisions. Athletes may also elect to compete in Adult divisions early, as long as they are 14.

There are four levels of competition that a Ninja has to get through to be a World Champion

Season 9 November Area Qualifer Results

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