Ninja Competitions

Want to show off your skills? Compete for medals and bragging rights? Altius Ninja runs competitions for children of all ages! Questions? Shoot us an email at

Ninja League
Ninja League

Ninja League is a seasonal competition series that takes place twice each year - Winter (February-March) and Fall (October-November).
Children ages 6-14 are divided into co-ed age groups and compete in four different competitions throughout each season. Each event as two different courses, with course winners and overall age group winners at each event. Season scores consist of each ninja's top 3 performances on each course style, and trophies are awarded to the top three in each age group. Registration in a separate Ninja class is not required.

Registration for our Winter Session is Now Open!

Ninja Run
Ninja Run

The Altius Ninja Run is unique format obstacle course challenge, and is open to members and non-members ages 5-14. We hold Ninja Run competitions periodically throughout the year. Children compete in co-ed age groups on two different courses, with medals awarded to the top finishers on each course.

A new Ninja Run is coming Summer 2023.


Ultimate Ninja
Altius Ultimate Ninja

Ultimate is a UNAA Area Qualifier, open to children ages 6-15 in the following, non co-ed age groups: U7, U9, U11, U13, and U15. Adult Amateur, Pro, and Masters Divisions are also featured.
UNAA competitions are tiered, and participation in an Area qualifier may allow a participant to move on to Regional, and then possibly National events.

We will be hosting an Area Qualifier on February 25th