Ninja League Results

Athan Kitzke
Student ID: 287

Current Season Results

Event 1: 9/29/23
SkillPoints Earned
Angle Steps5/5
Tic Toc & Barrels3/9
Cliff Hangers / Pegs2/8
Event 2: 10/13/23
SkillPoints Earned

Previous Seasons

Fall 2021

Event 1: Points Course
SkillPoints Earned
Trapeze & Grips7/7
Rock Grips8/8
Sloth Net0/6
Spider Webs to Net Bag6/6
Rope Crossing6/6
Angle Steps7/7
Wall Run & Roll5/5
Long Jump5/5
Event 1: Skills Course
SkillPoints Earned
P-Bar Shimmy4/4
Long Pipe0/4
Spider Climb to Rings8/8
Gorilla Grips6/6
Hanging Board to Monkey Bars2/8
Peg Board1/8
Warped Wall (Large)6/6

Event 2: Points Course
SkillPoints Earned
Cargo Net5/5
Rock Grips0/8
Trapeze Bars0/7
Rope Swing5/5
Angle Steps to Wall6/6
Long Pipe8/8
Handstand Walk5/5
Barrel Roll0/6
Event 2: Skills Course
SkillPoints Earned
Spider Climb4/4
Mini Pipes0/6
Parallel Bars4/4
Hanging Boards6/8
Gorilla Grips6/6
Peg Board1/8
Swinging Holds2/8
Warped Wall6/6

Event 3: Points Course
SkillPoints Earned
Small Warped Wall5
Bar Hang7
Net Bags6
Swinging Webs to Hill6
Angle Steps7
Box Jumps0
Pipe Roll0
Event 3: Skills Course
SkillPoints Earned
Spider Climb4
Rings / Mini Pipe1
Hanging Doors8
Long Board / Bars4
Pipes and Boards6
Hanging Grips3
Warped Wall (Large)6

Event 4: Points Course
SkillPoints Earned
Small Warped Wall4
Bar Hang8
Net Bags to Bar5
Bar Shimmy7
Rope Crossing6
Spider Webs6
Bricks & Oranges6
Double Barrels8
Event 4: Skills Course
SkillPoints Earned
Spider Climb4
Handstand Walk4
Long Pipe0
Hanging Doors8
Finger Grips8
Pipes and Boards2
Mini Pipes & Angle Steps3
Warped Wall (Large)4
No Scores for Winter 2023